Aromatherapy Essential Oil

Betel Oil

Product Code :- 104

The Betel Oil is known as Piper Betle oil as botanical name. This oil is basically soluble in alcohol but it is insoluble in water. They are yellow to brown colored clear liquid. These oils are used in areas such as cosmetics, deodorants, masking agents, oral care agents, skin conditioning products, etc. Apart from this they are obtained by using a technique known as hydro distillation. In this process the leaves of betel are used. The odor is distinctly Phenolic or Smoky in nature. The flavor of this oil is generally bitter acrid, warm & also has sharp biting. These oils have a refractive index at 30° C of 1.500 to 1.5240. the optical rotation at 30 °C is of -1.5 to -4 & has a specific gravity at 30 °C is of 1.0440 to 1.0540.

Further the main chemical constituents of this oil is Phenols that is used up to 75% including Chavibetol Para Allyl Phenol, Hydroxy Chavicol. They are mainly used in many industries and are also used in perfumery compound. They also have properties of a carminative, aromatic, stimulant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac & warming. Further the oil has also the properties of curing worms as well as in the treatment of respiratory ailments.

Fennel Oil

Product Code :- 105

The Fennel oil is basically made by extracting method from Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce. It is a type of sweet fennel that is also known as F. officinale, F. capillaceum and Anethum foeniculum. They comes from the family of Umbelliferae that is also known as Apiaceae. Apart from this it is also known as fenkel and Roman fennel. These oils are typically used in aromatherapy applications so as to boost courage, resolve strength, etc. Further, these oil can also be used in providing relief from ailments that includes digestive issues, clearing oily skin, fighting wrinkles & in fighting obesity.

They have herby extracts in them so, they have slightly spicy smell. These oils are having a clear viscosity and are generally sourced from a biennial or perennial herb. These herbs are having green feathery leaves with golden yellow flowers. Further the oil comes with chemical composition such as the constituents trans-anethole, methyl chavicol, a-pinene, myrcene, fenchone, limonene, 1,8-cineole & anisic aldehyde. They are typically used for its therapeutic properties and also have antiseptic, carminative, antispasmodic, depurative, emmenagogue, diuretic, expectorant, laxative, vermifuge, stimulant, stomachic. These oil are also used for treating nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia & hiccups.

Almond Sweet Oil

Product Code :- 103

The Almond Sweet Oil is commonly known as prunus, dulcis, almond sweet oil. The oil that is offered by us is a colorless liquid. The odor is blended in it for extended fragrance. The oil is basically insoluble in water. This oil has a specific gravity of <1 @15C. It is extracted by expeller pressed method using advance machinery from Almond Kernels. These are the seeds of Almond tree & are utilized in manufacturing up of this oil. The oil is easy to dispersed & it absorb quickly. Apart from this they are also used as an ingredient for various products & soaps used for body health care. This oil is also famous for carrier oils. They can also be used in massaging & in skin care applications. These oil have good lubrication and does not get penetrated easily in the skin.

They are commonly used in therapies, cosmetics, massage oil & for medical purposes such as for providing relief from inflammation and itching.