Ayurvedic Oil

Punch Tulsi Drop

Product Code :- 0556

PunchTulsi Drop 25ml is a liquid extract of five types of tulsi. It has supernatural immunity booster and helpful in all types of Allergies. ... It removes the impurities of blood and increases the immunity of the human body. It is effective in reducing the harmful microbes from drinking water.

Brahmi Oil

Product Code :- 88

Brahmi Oil is a widely popular herb that has been in usage since time immemorial to host plenty of medicinal applications. This being the reason, its oil has been obtained using the process of steam distillation of the Bacopa monnieri leaves. Based on its several properties like anti-septic, Anti-epileptic, anti-oxidant, neuroprotective and many more, it is not only used as a base oil for boosting the hair growth, but as a tonic for strengthening the nervous system and the brain, when massaged onto the scalp.

Cold Pressed Oils

Product Code :- 89

Cold-Pressed Oils is formed by grinding seeds, vegetables, fruits into an paste where after the finest pressing tool is required to press that paste for extracting oil. At this stage, one needs to make sure that temperatures at which grinding and pressing process is carried out should not exceed more than 120°F (49°C ). This is the higher and final limit of temperature, one should not exceed for making any oil as cold-pressed. Sesame Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Black seed Oil, Mustard Oil, Jojoba Oil, are few that falls under the category of Cold-Pressed Oils. The major advantages of these oils is that their flavors and aroma helps in curing diverse health related issues. Most common and essential oil of this category, Peanut Oil works as a great stabilizer for the human skin aids in improving tone and texture of oily skins. They have high vitamins and minerals which aids in rendering required amount of nutritional value to the skin.

Essential Oils

Product Code :- 90

Essential Oils provided are offered in form of concentrated hydrophobic liquid that carries various aroma compounds, aetherolea from plants and ethereal oils. The extracted oils contains various beneficial properties which makes them useful for curing various health issues. These oils are extracted through a distillation process and finds uses in various applications such as cosmetics, soaps, perfumes and in adding scents to the incense products. Essential Oils are known for high properties which includes epurative, detoxification, digestive, aphrodisiac, astringent, bactericide, balsamic, cardiac, carminative, decongestant.

Industrial Coconut Oil

Product Code :- 91

Coconut Oil finds use in ample of areas starting from pharmaceutical covering food and personal care industries. We supply Industrial Coconut Oil which is made from dried copra that contains maximum amount of moisture content. Steam cooking process in applied in manufacturing procedure to enhance the aroma and quality of oil. We market Industrial Coconut Oil in bulk quantity as per industry requirements. This type of oil is good to use for hair and skin ailments. Many housewives and chefs prefer making Indian dishes in this cooking fat oil because of its natural extracts and healthy properties.

This oil find major application in pharmaceutical sector because of its therapeutic properties. It relives stress and helps in controlling cholesterol.

Sesame Organic Oil

Product Code :- 92

A dark colored nutty oil that works wonder when massaged into the skin and scalp for beautiful hair and glowing skin. Sesame Organic Oil repairs the damaged skin by penetrating deep down into the layers of skin. Being prepared organically, the mentioned oil nourishes and conditions from head to toe. It not only renders a radiant glow by leaving the skin supple and soft, but enhances the circulation of blood in all the body parts, wherever our offered oil is applied.

Spices Oils

Product Code :- 93

Spice Oils are volatile compounds which assists in rendering pleasing aroma to spices and are generally extracted using steam distillation process. With major benefits by its side like accurate compositions, standardized quality nutrients and hygiene, Essential oils majorly found use in food & beverage industries, cosmetics and personal hygiene offerings like toothpastes, aerosols, mouthwashes. Also, these beneficial oils finds tremendous use in pharmaceutical formulations.

Since these are derived from diverse spices, these oils feature certain volatile components which provide needful flavor and aroma of spice to the oil. Some major Spice oils which are famous to be used in diverse applications are Pepper oil, Clove oil, Cardamom oil, Nutmeg oil, Ginger oil and Mint oil. Oil made from concentrated different spices also find appropriate use in formulation of chemicals, pharmaceuticals.