Cold Press Oil

Apricot Oil

Product Code :- 64

Discover The Power Of Nature

Apricot Oil is not extracted from the fruit but from the its kernel as it is enriched with oleic and linolenic acid using cold pressed method. The aforementioned acids are the unsaturated in nature and are required by our body, hence are known as essential. This being the reason, it is important to use the mentioned essential oil as a skin care product for protecting our skin from the harmful effects of increasing pollution, ultraviolet radiations and many other.

Appearance, Flavor And Aroma:-

It appears to be light yellow in color having a greenish tinge. Apricot oil has a nutty flavor and aroma similar to that of almond.

Benefits and Uses:-

The mentioned essential oil includes Linoleic, Stearic, Oleic and Palmitic in its composition. Based on these compounds, this oil are used for the following:

  • It is used as a moisturizer to retain the moisture content of skin during cold weather.
  • Helps in minimizing the inflammation and appearance of rashes on the skin.
  • Renders anti-aging properties resulting in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria that helps in the reduction of acne, blemishes, dark spots

Bitter Almond Oil

Product Code :- 65

Bitter Almond Oil comprises of three components, namely hydrogen cyanide, benzaldehyde and glycoside amygdalin along with mono unsaturated fatty acids. It is prepared by using the method of steam distillation. It has a colorless and transparent appearance and a nutty aroma. With refractive index of 1.57, it can be easily soluble in other oils, ethanol, propylene glycol and ether.

Key benefits

Bulletined below are the benefits that one can avail by using the mentioned oil:

weight loss: can be used to detox the body by lowering down the level of blood pressure and getting rid of body toxins

  • Worms: highly effective for inhibiting and killing worms that may cause severe problems

  • Dark Circles: helps in reducing the dark circles under the eyes by rejuvenating the skin

  • Fights Cancer: helps in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells

  • Calming nerves: can be helpful in reducing the nerve pain

  • Flawless skin: make up can be easily removed

Chaulmoogra Oil

Product Code :- 66

Chaulmoogra Oil is extracted from the seeds of Chaulmoogra herb, which is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for producing various medicines to cure eczema, psoriasis and many more. The mentioned oil is a boon for the skin treatment and has been in usage since centuries for treating leprosy.

How does the oil works?

Renowned for its calming and fever reducing properties, Chaulmoogra can also treat skin disorders by inhibiting the growth of the bacterias causing the disorders and also by killing them, if required.


Calmoogra Oil is highly demanded for its exceptional healing power and curative properties. This being the reason it is used as a tonic for correcting the disordered nutrition process. It also works as a stimulant and results in the restoration of normal body functioning and curing fever. When mixed with few drops of lime juice, it can work as an effective dressing for various diseases such as scaly eruptions.

Linseed Oil

Product Code :- 67

Linseed Oil and Its Uses

It is extracted from the dried flax seed using the method of pressing, which is usually followed by the solvent extraction method. Based on its poymer-forming properties, it can be used as the following for rendering glowing finish to its applications:

  • Acts as a pigment binder for paint, its amount used will vary the thickness of the paint

  • As an impregnator for drying the oil finishing or varnishing wood

  • Since it dries quickly, it is also used in inks

  • Plasticizer in wall putty

Apart from this, due to its alleviating skin conditions, it helps in the restoration of softness of skin by minimizing the signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and many more.

Color and Appearance

Enriched with various nutrients and minerals, our offered Linseed Oil is a transparent liquid with a tint of yellowish color having distinctively pungent and sharp smell.


Since offered essential oil is rich in Alpha-linolenic acid, it is used as a ultra-moisturizing oil possessing some anti-inflammatory properties. Based on this reason, it is used as a ingredient in the moisturizing lotions.

Flax Seed Oil

Product Code :- 68

Flax seeds are obtained from the plant naming Linum usitatissimum and the flax seed oil is extracted from these seeds that is useful for making pharmaceutical products. It is an essential source of polyunsaturated fatty acids including alpha-linolenic acid which is widely used for minimizing the inflammation.


These are mainly used for treating rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and other heart diseases. Our offered oil can also be used as an important ingredient and also as a waterproofing agent in varnishes, soap, paints, etc. It can also be used for soothing the skin irritations and soften the skin by making it supple and soft. As a laxative for losing weight and preventing breast and prostate cancer. The mentioned essential oil can be served as cooking oil in several dishes.

Note: It should only be used after consulting the doctor, as it may give rise to certain conditions when used with other medications.

Lemon Cold Pressed

Product Code :- 69

Enriched with vitamins and minerals, Lemon Cold Pressed oil is obtained from the lemon using the process of cold pressing that helps in maintaining its natural benefits. The mentioned essential oil is an ideal choice for the aromatherapy and diffusion. It has a refreshing and fruity smell that stimulates the senses. Offered oil is also known for its capability of promoting concentration and enhancing the well-being of an individual.


Skincare: Because of its anti-oxidant and healing properties, it helps in treating acne, oily skin, dark spots, pigmentation and even tones the skin.

Aromatherapy: helps in boosting the immunity and alleviating the symptoms of sore throats, asthma, catarrh, etc.

Cleaning: Add a few drops to water and vinegar, for making it a good cleanser for cleaning glass products.

Massage: Reduces the level of blood pressure when combined with other essential oils.

Diffuser: Because of its refreshing and fruity aroma, it is used in diffusers for cleaning the air

Medical uses: helps in relieving sore throats and improve breathing


  • It should not be used in the concentrated form directly to the sensitive skin.

  • Can cause the skin to tan if kept for longer time in the sun.

Malkangni Oil

Product Code :- 70

In this modern world, people have become more curious about their style of living. They look for the best treatment for their physical and mental well being. It has been rightly said that “prevention is better than cure”. Taking this aspect into consideration, we offer Malkangni Oil using the technique of cold pressing from the seeds of the shrub naming Celastrus panuculatis.


It comprises proteins, carbohydrates, monounsaturated, fats and polyunsaturated fats. Also, it is highly demanded because of its high content of vitamin c, calcium, potassium, ash, iron and sodium that makes it suitable to be used ayurvedic medicines


  • Various ailments such as facial palsy, arthritis, lumbago, paralysis can be relieved by massaging with this oil on regular basis.

  • It helps in boosting the memory power by enhancing the mental concentration.

  • With aphrodisiac effects, it helps in inducing the feeling of well-being.

Olive Oil

Product Code :- 71

Also known as liquid gold during the ancient time, Olive Oil is a liquid obtained using the method of pressing from the Olives. The mentioned oil is widely used as a cooking oil for frying and making salad dressing. Apart from this, our offered oil also finds usage as an essential ingredient in the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics like lip balms, moisturizing lotion and many other hair care and personal care products. It has been used by the ear specialists for diluting the ear wax. Besides, Olive Oil can be used for strengthening bones, preventing breast cancer, aiding weight loss by regulating the cholesterol and relieving constipation.

Pomogranate Oil

Product Code :- 72

Pomogranate Oil 

Pomegranate Oil is obtained from the seeds of the pomegranate fruit using the process of cold pressing. The mentioned oil possess a fruity aroma and appears to be soft amber in color. Since, it is enriched in nutrients and based on its regenerative properties, it is considered as an indispensable ingredient in not only pharmaceuticals and skin care products such as shower gels, moisturizer, soaps, face washes, massage oils and many more. Moreover, our offered Pomegranate Oil finds usage as a diffuser and vaporizer that helps in uplifting the mood with few drops only. This oil is mainly composes Mycenae, Alpha Pinene, Sabinene, Terpinenol.

Sweet Almond Oil

Product Code :- 73

Sweet Almond Oil is pale yellow and odorless oil that has been extracted using the method of pressing or distillation. The composition of this nutty flavored oil is similar that of olive oil, therefore, can be used as the alternate to it in many dishes. It is widely used as an flavoring agent in the meals and since it is loaded with plenty of vitamins and nutrients, the offered oil is used in making badam rogan to treat several health conditions. Apart from this, Sweet Almond Oil also finds usage as an essential ingredient in personal care products for making the skin nourished and radiant.

Sun Flower Oil

Product Code :- 74

Sun Flower Oil

Sunflower Oil is amber in color with pleasant flavor that has been obtained from the flower or its black seeds using the method of cold pressing. If refined, its color changes from amber to yellow. It is widely used as a cooking oil, especially in the Indian cuisine. Loaded with polyunsaturated fats, our offered oil is preferred over many other oils including olive, corn and canola are to name a few. However, the smoothing properties of Sunflower Oil makes it ideal for being used in the making of cosmetic products. The mentioned oil also has surplus of health benefits such as prevention of arthritis and cancers, the presence of free radicals helps in lowering the level of cholesterol.


Neem Oil

Product Code :- 75

Neem Oil

Also known by the name of Indian Lilac, our offered Neem Oil has been extracted using the process of steam distillation from the leaves, fruits and seeds of the neem tree. The mentioned oil appears to be brownish yellow in color and has a strong pungent smell. With the bitter taste and presence of several biochemical compounds, it offers plenty of medicinal properties including anti-epileptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Based upon these properties, this oil is widely used in the making of pharmaceuticals, health care and personal care products. Neem Oil is an indispensable ingredient to be used for treating dandruff, lice, acne, dark spots and many more.


Sesame Oil

Product Code :- 76

Largely known by the biology name Sesamum Indicum, Sesame Organic Oil find its origin majorly in India. It is light brown in color and contain high contents of vitamin E and A which provides essential amount of protein to the body, because of which it finds use in production of natural cosmetics and food products. Since, this oil is insoluble in water, it comes in specific gravity of <1 @ 15 C, Flash Point of 260 °C / 500°F and Refractive Index of 1.465 – 1.470. This particular oil is extracted using cold-pressed process from the seeds of sesame plant.

Also recognized by names of Sesame, Beniseed, Benneseed, Beni (Sesamum orientale), Sesame Seed, this oil renders a strong stable base for making diverse massage mixtures and consists numerous chemical constituents such as Oleic, Stearic, Linoleic, Palmitoleic, Palmitic and Eicosenoic. Sesame Oil easily blends with various essential oils, jojoba, rosemary and olive are few name to cite. This oil acts as a natural moisturizer and is added as a moisturizing content in various skin care products and body massage oils. Enriched in anti-oxidants, this particular oil is considered best for reducing stress level and controlling blood pressure.

Water Melon Oil

Product Code :- 76

Water Melon Oil

Loaded with a number of unsaturated fatty acids including oleic and linoleic acids, Watermelon Oil is considered as one of the important source of fatty acids. In order to obtain this beneficial oil, firstly, the seeds are removed flesh of watermelon and then dried in sun. Later, using the process of pressing, oil is extracted from them. Also known by the name Ootanga and Kalahari Oil. Our offered oil has been carefully sourced and packaged so that its freshness and purity can be maintained.

Uses of Watermelon Oil

This light textured oil possess certain moisturizing properties that make it an indispensable ingredient in the baby care formulations. In comparison to the mineral oils, these are highly demanded during the production of beauty care products for preventing the clogging of pores, resulting in the less occurrence of acne and dark spots.

Lemongrass Oil

Product Code :- 17

Citronella Oil

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