Herbal Body Massage Oil

Lavender Body Massage Oil

Product Code :- 106

Lavender Body Massage Oil's botanical name is lavandula angustifolia. This massage oil is pure mixture of the lavender and other popular essential oils. Lots of cosmetic manufacturers use this blend of oils to come up with an exotic body moisturizer that can prove helpful for you not only in calming your mind as well body, but also in healing it. The amazingly smelling liquid is also up to the mark product you can use to sooth the stressed skin. With the right use of this oil, you can give your skin what it needs most that is softness and protection.

Experts suggest use of Lavender Body Massage Oil for massage or you can also take aromatherapy bath to get the benefits of this oil. This oil is not short of anti-oxidants, vitamins and skin soothing nutrients. Furthermore, the main feature of this oil is that it contains an amazing blend of extracted and infused oils. This way this oil can make you feel relax, clear and calm.

Almond Body Massage Oil

Product Code :- 107

We offer you with the finest Almond Body Massage Oil in India. Our product is the outcome of cold pressed technique used by experts to get the pure oil for you. This oil has such characteristics that the message of it can make your feel calm and can promote relaxation. This oil has a winsome scent. Another quality of this liquid is that it comes in thin texture. That makes it easy for your body to absorb while massaging. This way aromatherapist prefer this oil. You can easily mix this oil with the essential oils such as chamomile, lavender, rose and jasmine.

Anti-inflammatory properties of Almond Body Massage Oil make it even more beneficial for you. This way it can prove helpful you in healing your skin. Furthermore, this oil can also help you in dealing with the dry skin problem. It also has been seen that this oil works well when it comes to refresh and hydrate the skin tissues without clogging pores. Different skin problems such as eczema. Dermatitis and proriasis can disturb you any time. This oil is the right medicine for you to fight soreness, inflammation and itching.

Jasmine & Sandal Body Massage Oil

Product Code :- 108

Jasmine & Sandal Body Massage Oil is one of the best aromatherapy massage oil. It can help you get such massage that is relaxing not only for your body, but also for your mind. This oil moisturizes the skin properly and provides your body with the required nutrients as well as anti-oxidants. It is the liquid that your skin can find easy to absorb. It may result in you having hydrated and dryness free skin. Furthermore, the charming scent of this oil can also warm your heart.

It has been seen that Jasmine & Sandal Body Massage Oil is effective when it comes to treating nervous exhaustion. It can also help you boost your mood and can make you free of anxiety. Various skin problems such eczema, dry or oily skin can be combated with the regular massage of this oil. Perfume industry widely this oil as an additive. You can find it easy to mix this oil with massage oils such geranium, rose and sandalwood.

Rose Body Massage Oil

Product Code :- 109

Rose Body Massage Oil is a popular product that helps you to gain pure beauty. The essential oil you get from us meets high standards. It has all the ingredients to provide the right nutrition and moisturize the skin. This oil is also useful in protecting your skin from the radicals that can damage your skin. You can find this oil being rich with the vitamins A and E. It also contains anti-oxidants and fatty acids. This oil is also not short of aroma-therapeutic properties. Thus, it can prove helpful for you in balancing and relaxing your body.

The essence of the Rose Body Massage Oil is light as well as nutritious. It can go deep in under your skin and you can find it easy to tackle the itchy, dry and scaly skin problems with the use of this oil. So, you can get smooth and charming skin with the regular massage of this oil. It is also suggested that you should use this oil after shower. It will help you stay refreshed and your body will give a wonderful smell. This oil is also a proved medicine to treat the joint and muscle pains. This liquid also counters wastes from the skin and facilitates metabolism.

Fruit Extracts Herbal Massage Oil

Product Code :- 110

Fruits and vegetables have been amazing source of providing finest cosmetics. Fruit Extracts Herbal Massage Oil that you get from is the outcome of the pure fruit extracts. You also get some of the best additives added in it that give you an amazing fragrance. This liquid is the essence of the different vegetable oils such macadamia oil and sweet almond oil. This way you can feel calm and collective with the massage of this oil. Furthermore, you will not find this oil containing chemicals and it can help you in improving your senses.

Fruit Extracts Herbal Massage Oil has thin texture and it can be absorbed by your body easily. It is the oil that is very much used in the skin care products such fruit packs, scrubbing, cleansing and face massage. The other features of this liquid is that it has essential vitamins as well as anti-oxidants. This way you can find it easy to clean to clogged pores and to deal with the razor burns with the use of it.

Banana Body Massage Oil

Product Code :- 111

You must have heard much about banana being one of best nutrient. This fruit is full of vitamins such as vitamins A, B, E and F. Also, you can find it containing potassium, magnesium, iron, iodine and zinc. Banana Body Massage Oil has all of it as well. So if you want your kidney, bones and eyesight to be intact, then it is ideal for you to use this oil. Moreover, this oil also benefits skin and hair.