Ajowan Oleo

Product Code :- 131

The botanical name of Ajowan Oleo Oil is Trachyspermum Copticum, having its origin in India. The appearance of this oil is pale green in color, and it is highly demanded for its aromatic characteristics. Refractive index of 1.498 – 1.504 makes it a soluble in oil and insoluble in water. It comprises non volatile resinous and volatile essential oil fraction which makes up to its taste components. It has sharp taste attribute and thymol is present in it in high concentration, which makes Ajowan Oleo ideal for medicinal purposes.

It is also known by the names of Ajwain, Copticum, Carum Copticum. The main constituents of this oil include ß-pinene (4-5%), 35 – 60% thymol, p-cymine (10-16%), dipenene (4-6%) and a-terepinene (10-16%). The oil is extensively used for preparing food, if extra spicy flavors are required. Also, it has digestive properties, antiseptic and germicidal.

Black Pepper & Oleo

Product Code :- 132

The origin of Black Pepper & Oleo is in the southern states of Vietnam, India, and several other Asian countries. The botanical name of black Pepper is Piper nigrum and the oil of this spice is yellowish brown viscous in color. It is insoluble in water and soluble in oil. The preparation of this oil is done using various solvents and it is extracted from the dried fruit of pepper plant when it is appropriately ripened.

These oils have a relatively heavy flavor. The seeds piper nigrum are also renowned by the names of Black Pepper and Piper. Black Pepper & Oleo oil have a chemical constituent of 40% residual solvent and 20 ml/100gm Piperine content. It is generally used in food industry as a coloring and flavoring agent.

Ginger Oleo Oil

Product Code :- 135

Ginger Oleo has its origin in Southern China, and the botanical name of Ginger is Zingiber Officinalis. It has a dark brown to light color appearance and has a strong aroma of fresh ginger. It has good solubility in water. This oil is obtained using percolating powdered rhizomes of Ginger with volatile solvent.

This oil contains 5-8% of pungent acrid oleoresin, 1-2% of volatile oil and starch. Ginger is also known by the name of Zanjabil, Gingerin and Jengibre. This oil contains several pungent properties such as shogaol and gingerol which makes it remarkably suitable for flavoring several food products owing to its aromatic characteristics. Also, the Ginger Oleo is used for stomachic, stimulant, and as a carminative, which makes it a highly demanded product across the market.

Product Details:-

Pack Size: 1 kg
Brand: Shiv Sales Corporation
Pack Type: Aluminium Bottle
Usage: Ideally it is applied on skin and this oil is commonly used for massage.

Myrrh Oleo

Product Code :- 138

Originated in Somalia, the biological name of Myrrh Oleo is ommiphora myrrha. This oil with its earthy, balsamic and woody smell, find extensive usage in medical field. As an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, antiphlogistic, antiseptic and antifungal oil, it helps in curing diverse health related issues. The use of this remedial oil provide instant relief to the patients suffering from bronchitis, chapped skin, hemorrhoids, halitosis, , itching, gums and dysmenorrhea. The extraction procedure of this oil involves distillation process where a aromatic liquid is formulated that works as a finest skin and body care product.

Light in color, Myrrh Oleo is generally find applicability in making of personal hygiene products. This particular oil has several chemical constituents like Eugenol m-cresol, Cuminaldehyde a-pinene Alcohol, Acetophenone, Amber carbinol, Heerabolene, Formic acid , Limonene and Cadinene. Further, this therapeutic oil blends perfectly well with Allspice oil, Alcohol, Amber carbino and Acetophenone. It has several healing properties as it acts as a arminative, expectorant, fungicidal, antimicrobial pulmonary and digestive stimulant.

Red Chilli Oleo

Product Code :- 140

With botanical name being Capsicum annum L, Red Chilli Oleo is also recognized among masses by for its effective nutritional benefits and healing properties. Made by blending pure and herbal red chili seed, capsicum annum oil and pepper essential oil, our Red Chilli Oleo finds extensive usage in India. Extracted as per a distillation process which involves seeds of the chilli pepper plant, this oil is sourced after getting passed from a steaming process that heightens its spice level. This particular oil is used by reputed therapists as a analgesic and anti-inflammatory and digestive aid for treating ailments. Hence, for pregnant women, use of this oil is strictly prohibited.

This red in color viscous liquid with thick consistency, is used across the world by medical experts for its medicinal properties which helps in curing people. It also acts a burn ointment. Since the smell of this oil is strong and pungent, it cannot get blended with common essential oils. The major nutrtional components, this oil comprises are apsanthin, lecithin, flavonoids, Vitamin C, oligoalimenti, capsanthin, etc.


Product Code :- 139

Oleoresin which we offer is a hydrocarbon and resin secretion of plants, mainly of coniferous trees. These resin are highly valued for their impeccable chemical properties and for production of food glazing agents, adhesives and varnishes. Moreover, these are also utilized for making constituents of perfumes and incense as well as for organic synthesis. The range of Oleoresin comprises Balsam (these are various fragrant oleoresin which finds their usage for making medicines and perfumes), Labdanum (These are soft blackish-brown resins which are a exudate of rock rose, used for making perfumes as well as fixative), Gum Turpentine (It is obtained particularly from conifers like pines), Gum Labdanum (these are dark brown and a bit greenish oleoresin which have fragrant odor, and are used as a fixative in making of perfumes) and Oleoresin Cpiscum (This oleoresin is extracted from capsicum pepper plant).

Mace Oleo Oil

Product Code :- 137

Having its roots in India, the botanical name of Mace Oleo Oil is Myristica Fragrans. Red -brownish in color, this oil is free flowing liquid material with high solubility in water and alcohol. It is Processed as per solvent extraction process. The final product that is obtained by this solvent extraction of dehydrated flowers of Myristica fragrance van Houtte is a semi-solid wax material with aroma and taste of nutmeg.

Further, called by the name of Nutmeg, the chemical constituents of Myristicia Fragrans Houtt like Hexane or Isopropyl Alcohol are majorly used as a seasoning and spice. Since this oil is non-irritant and chemical free, it has anti-septic, analgesic and anti-oxidant digestive properties which makes it well to get blend with pure essential oils like rosemary, geranium, moss, oak and other spice oils. Mace Oleo Oil helps in curing digestive issues such as flatulence and colic. Moreover, it is also used for treating cardiac disorders and pre-menstrual pain.

Product Details:-

Pack Type: Alluminium Bottle
Pack Size: 1 kg
Brand: Shiv Sales
Usage:100% Pure, Mace Essential Oil, Natural & Undiluted

Kapur Kachari Oleo Oil

Product Code :- 136

The plant of Kapur Chachari has its origin in India and botanical name of this plant is Kaempferia galanga Linn. The Kapur Kachari Oleo Oil is extracted from hydacheium of a 3 feet tall plant which has loose termincal spikes and grows yellow flowers. This oil has several medicinal and antibiotic properties which blends well with geranium lavender, clary sage, cedarwood, cajeput and cassia, and also with some chemical constituents such as Limonene, Terpinoel and Caryphyllene. Uses of Kapur Kachari Oleo Oil are as a Tonic, Stimulant and Carminative. Moreover, this oil has Anti-asthmatic and Anti-inflammatory properties which leads it to be extensively used in Perfumery Industry.

Product Details:-

Pack Type: Plastic Bottle
Pack Size: 5 KG
Brand: Shiv Sales
Usage: Hair Care, Stress Leave, Insomnia or Nervous tension.

Date Oleo

Product Code :- 134

Date Oleo which is offered, is a cold pressed oil of splendid quality. It can be easily absorbed by the body because it is extremely light. Unlike those oils which are extracted using heat, the extraction of this oil is done using cold extracting techniques so that the best quality of it are retained. The botanical of Date plant is Phoenix dactylifera. This oil is basically obtained by hydro distillation, and the main chemical components of this oleo comprises 99% of oil properties which includes 2,4-dimethoxytoluene (9.5%) and3,4-Dimethoxytoluene (73.5%). This Date Oleo is most suitable for making of soap and cosmetics. Moreover, this oil is also processed using chemicals which is a good source of oxalic acid.

Turmeric Oleo

Product Code :- 141

Turmeric Oleo has its origins deep rooted in India. Dark yellow in color, this oil has spicy odor. With high solubility in water and oil, our offered pure spice oil is derived by utilizing solvent extraction process which involves dried rootstock of turmeric (botanical name- Curcuma longa L),zingiberaceae and ginger. The essential chemical components of this oil are zingiberene, tumerone, and curcumin. This particular oil has diverse anti-inflammatory and pharmacological properties.

Also popularized by names such as Kakoenji, Curcuma, Koenjet, Oendre, Kunyit, Renet, Kondin, Temu kuning, Goeratji, Kunyit, Kunir and Rame, our Turmeric Oleo is also utilized as a flavoring agent for canned and fast food products.