Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil

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Sesame Oil also known as Til seeds oil in India is generally used to penetrate the skin of an individual. Majorly used for massaging body and human hair, this oil is known to have healing properties which makes it one of the finest choices among all the other oils in getting human body rid of all vexations. Because of its viscous nature of rubbing, this beneficial ayurvedic oil is used for hair and scalp treatment. Due to high medicinal value, this oil is used in producing ayurvedic drugs. Further, it is also utilized in cosmetic industry as a carrier oil.

In Hinduism culture, Sesame Oil is utilized in deepa and oil lamps which are kept across shrines of the deities. Also, this oil is used by priests for performing holy rites in temples. Especially in South India, this oil (til tel) is applied over the sculptures of deities. Further, it is generally applied on statues of deities made up of black granite.


Seeds of Sesame Oil (Til Seeds Oil) are not solely good to use in salads which is healthy snack but is also used for making other north and diverse south Indian dishes as well.

Good for massaging hair scalp and nourishes skin. This oil contains beneficiary natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties which helps in giving tough fight to the skin infections and hair illness.

It is a perfect curative oil that nourishes damaged long hair and regenerate their growth. It also helps in strengthening brittle and avoids split hair strands.

Source of vitamin E, this oil contains calcium, magnesium iron, zinc, and vitamin B6.